Medical Plan Cost Estimator

Step 1: Tell us about you

Step 2: What are you and your family's medical needs for the coming year?

Use the dropdown box to select Low, Medium, or High health care usage for each family member. Click on "health care usage" below to learn more about the different levels of usage. To customize the comparison for you and your family's health care usage, select the "Customize for you" tab and enter the frequency by medical plan service.

Or, you can choose to enter this information from a list of common medical services and supplies. Click "My own scenario."

Step 3: See what you'll spend annually

New this year, the bar charts below show a side-by-side comparison of your total estimated expenses for 2016 and 2017 (split between your premium share and out-of-pocket expenses).

Important Note: Employee premium contribution share may vary depending on the employing agency or university. The premium contribution shares described below address most state agency employees. PEBB does not designate premium contributions. Contact your agency or university benefit office if you have additional questions about your premium contribution.

You pay either 1% or 5% of the total premium based on the medical plan you choose, and you pay any premium balance remaining after the employer pays their premium share based on your hours of work each month. Part-time employees can enroll in either full-time or part-time medical plans. When you enroll in the full-time or part-time plan for either the PEBB Statewide Plan or the Kaiser HMO, you pay 5% premium contribution share. Enrollment in any of the other PEBB full-time or part-time plans will be a 1% premium contribution share.

The chart below does not include the flat premium subsidy rate paid on behalf of a part-time employee choosing any one of the part-time medical plans. When you scroll down and click "Go To Premium Calculator," you will be taken to the payroll deduction estimator. Clicking on part-time employee and the subsidy will calculate for the part-time plan choices.

Some agencies and universities may have different policies on premium share. Contact your HR or Payroll office with questions on premium share.

The charts below don't account for items that are on the additional cost tier list which are not subject to the out of pocket maximum, but are subject to your plans maximum cost share. If you hover over the bars in the chart you can see the employee cost breakdown.

Step 4: Find out how you can save on taxes

When you finish estimating your medical costs, use the results to help you decide whether contributing to the FSA can help you save on taxes.

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Use the sliders on the right to estimate your eligible expenses not covered by the plan for the upcoming plan year.

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